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Net Gaming

At the end of the month collective commissions on Net Gaming are collated for all sites.

The process is pretty simple: all deposits made during the month are added up and any withdrawals for the same month are subtracted.

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Let’s say the commission for NET GAMING is 30%. Net Gaming = Deposits – Withdrawals. If a client’s monthly deposits add up to $1500 and the withdrawals for the same period are $500 then the total “net win” is $1000. Having a commission rate of 30%, the affiliate would be paid $300 of the $1000. If the monthly deposits were $500 and the withdrawals $1500 the “net win” would be -$1000. If the affiliate’s balance is negative the affiliate does not earn their commission. Every month starts fresh so next month the negative balance is not taken into account.

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No Negative Carry Over From Month To Month

At Apex Affiliates we don’t carry over any of our affiliate’s negative balances. Any negative balances will not impact your profit share, as they are not taken into consideration for the following month. Every month you start again from zero – another great benefit of our affiliate program.


2nd Tier Option

We also offer a negotiable 2nd tier option. If you wish to apply for our 2nd tier program, please go to our Contact page and get in touch.


Our affiliate program is free to register for and is known for its easy to use reporting system that tracks all stats…

Affiliate Program Payment Process

We pay our affiliates at the end of every month and we offer several payment options.

For more information concerning payouts,
please contact us by email at [email protected]